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Sometimes my customers would like a hat or bonnet that is not featured on this site. I am always happy to work with customers to create one of a kind creations perfect for their special event or ensemble. As you can see from the following examples, not all my creations are from the Regency...or even this planet! Where possible, I have included the original photos that were the inspiration for these pieces.

If you would like to talk about creating a custom piece, please feel free to email me at austentationaccessories@gmail.com.

Click on a thumbnail for a detailed view

This adorable straw poke bonnet was already owned by my customer. She wished to have it trimmed and lined in preparation for a reenacting event.

This straw cowboy hat was trimmed with gold braid, ribbon and a mass of natural toned feathers. My customer wished to highlight a vintage gold Pirate coin, which she later fixed in the center.

The bonnet pictured here is an entirely cloth creation, based on early Puritan designs. It has a gathered neck ruffle and pleated brim. The brim is lined in lace to give the appearance of a cap worn underneath. Satin ribbon ties.

This hat was created to match a dress my customer had purchased for a family wedding. The satin roses and velvet leaves are an exact match to the flowers on her gown. The reticule was a one of a kind creation.

Made of pale blue lace leaves on a satin wire band, this headpieace was the perfect addition to my client's pale blue ballgown.

This unique piece was probably my most challenging yet. It is made of red and black felt, completely hand sewn. My customer is an illustrator who wished to dress as her character, a small red alien.