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Molly Straw Capote bonnets (scoop shaped) like this one were worn during the early years of the Regency, as both these period fashion plates below (first: The Gallery of Fashion, 1794-1798, Second: 1806, Costumes Parisians) show. The capote bonnet was a popular style as it easily 'accommodated the modish hair styles of that era, which were short or piled on top of the head.'

"The shape of the Capote bonnet changed as hairdos changed, and the hat crown shifted to accommodate the increased height of swept up hair. The poke, or brim, also became larger over time. This definition describes the Victorian capote: Close fitting bonnet with rigid brim, either of straw or boned into shape. Soft, shirred crown , ribbon bows tied under the chin, Victorian 19 c. with deep ruffle in back. Also poke bonnet, fanchon, scuttle bonnet, sun bonnet."
- Glossary of hats, Village Hat Shop.

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