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Isabella Handkerchief Bonnet
This soft cotton baby bonnet is actually made from a lace trimmed handkerchief, with satin bows and ties. Once baby has outgrown the bonnet, snip just a few threads and you have a beautiful handkerchief for her to carry as "something old" at her wedding. Each bonnet comes with a poem explaining its significance. One size.

MariaChild Sized Pioneer Bonnet: Maria
This white "prairie style" bonnet is perfect for playing pioneer! When I was a girl, my sister and I spent hours in the back yard playing "Little House on the Prairie". All we needed were our bonnets and our immaginations. When I saw these adorable bonnets, I was instantly reminded of those fun days. The sturdy polyester fabric will hold up to hours of fun and adventure and wash clean when needed. The long brim will shade your face (Ma need never worry on that score). One size.

JaneChild Sized Jane
This cottage style bonnet is similar in style to many you'll find in Regency fashion plates and portraits. It features a small brim that fits close to the face. This Jane bonnet represents my third attempt at bonnet design. It is created from woven synthetic "straw" type braid. It is not straw, but because it is synthetic, it holds up well for packing, playing and weather purposes. With this bonnet, you can choose to customize the ribbon and flower color accents. Flower style depends on availability, but if you have preferences, please let me know. One size, fits up to 8 yrs old.
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Doll Hat18" Doll Sized Bergere
The rount, flat Bergere style hat was popular during the 18th c. This braided straw style is a miniature of my full sized Marie, but scaled to fit an 18-24" doll. Choose from a plain hat (no trim), basic trim, or a decorated version with ribbon ties and floral accents.
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Doll Lunch18" Doll Sized Pioneer Lunch Pail
This adorable set is perfectly sized for your 18-24" doll (click for size comparison). I designed it to look like an Early American School lunch including a doll sized slate and faux chalk, tin pail, and hand sewn primer (made using 8 pages from actual early American school primers) Also included are a gingham napkin, an apple and a handmade "gingerbread" cookie-- made from cinnamon and applesauce, it looks and smells like the real thing (you may be tempted to taste it!)

Doll Locket18" Doll Sized Locket Necklace
This sweet little locket is perfectly sized for an 18" doll. Tuck in a picture of your little girl or another loved one for a perfect finish to your doll's dressy ensemble. Perfect for Molly or any other doll!
This shiny silver metal locket measures 13mm x 13 mm. and hangs on an 8" chain.
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