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A few quotes from my customers:

What can I say, so much more than I expected, and I expected a lot! Although I call my daughter "Vicki", when she appears in this hat she will be so regal looking, only "Victoria" would be appropriate!

The hat arrived on the weekend. Couldn't believe I was finally holding it in my hands. I think I gave the postman quite a scare with my shriek of excitement. It is absolutely perfect. It could not be more beautiful and it suits me really well. Thank you ever so much. Will send you a pic of me wearing it when I get round to it. Am leaving for Scotland tomorrow and will take hat with me. Thanks again!

The bonnet got here today, and it is sooooo cute! The colors were perfect, and it really completes the outfit. I didn't think it was missing the hat, but the dress was. The brim is wide, but not too wide. Perfect! It's such a lovely piece. I have my eye on the Anne next, and I was thinking all white, because I'd like to use it with the Edwardian dress I sent pictures of. Thanks again!

I received my bonnet today and I have to say it is absolutely magnificent, it is just what I wanted. Thank you so much, It will be donned in Waterloo with pride! and will be the envy of the ladies!

Descentia: German Order
Hi; I just want to say that I ADORE your site!! It's one of the best sites that I've found w/ regard to the history of this time period. I am a huge Jane Austen fan & was particularly interested in the fashions & lifestyles of the character's in her books after reading Emma for the 1st time. I wasn't able to find really anything that I was looking for until, by accident, I stumbled onto your site. Thanks! Keep it up; it's wonderful.

Laura, I received the Eliza Bonnet yesterday!!!! Wow, that was fast delivery. Well, all I can say is that it is absolutely gorgeous. Its even prettier than I was hoping, and soooo wearable. So this weekend, I'll be biking in the country side, feeling very Marianne Dashwood. in any case thanks for the great service.

The hatpins arrived. They are just right. And the little doll is delightful. Red hat and all. Thank you so much. I will let my Red Hat Society group know about your hatpins.

I am sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. The hats you sent for our production of "Arcadia" were great. I really appreciate your help and quick turn around time. You were a life saver.

Jan: Group Pic Virginia
I received my bag yesterday and I must say it is absolutely exquisite!! I am more pleased than I can say. The trim you selected is just perfect, too. I'm really getting into this and now I want to find more "Jane Austen events" to attend. I may get a hat done the next go round - I do love those bonnets on your website. Again, it's just beautiful.
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I received my hat and it was just perfect! I wanted to let you know I received so many compliments on my hat and reticule and the tea was just delightful, full of Austenites. I dropped your name and website to several who inquired. Many thank you's for making the day so special. I'm already planning ahead to the spring and perhaps I will get a dress and "Lizzy" bonnet made in a lighter shade for variety.

Good news, I found a friendly little package for me when I got home tonight! They are really sweet little hats, Thank You so much! The hat pin was such a beautiful surprise, you really shouldn't have. It's so pretty, thank you. I will email you a picture of the finished product when I have the dress completed. Do email me if the other style bonnet is available again. A girl can never have too many bonnets to decorate and pull apart again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I must tell you that you have great customer service, and I appreciate it very much

The items arrived on Saturday and look wonderful. The hat looks just like Lizzy's in P&P. I suppose your expert eyes see the color difference you mention, but I sure don't. My wife flipped! Her mother in law wanted to steal the hatbox, she liked it so much. The hats were a BIG hit! She went to your website this morning to look around, and I'm getting nervous... .

Denise and I finally caught up with each other yesterday and she gave my birthday present, the gorgeous hat, Emma that you made. I am in awe! My JA gown is lavender and the hat matches it! I just had to tell you. I have spent the last 30-40 minutes prowling through your website, which is wonderful. The amusing thing is, I have been on your site before today... Pemberley.com.

Southampton I am absolutely delighted with the hat. I turned out beautifully! The netting is exactly perfect. It covers a wide part of the hat, and hangs really long, so I love that part! And the great part is it was big enough to fit way down on my head. And the Hat pin co-ordinates beautifully. I will be taking some pictures and send them to you. I can hardly wait to show it off at the show on Friday.

You are such a doll!! I was kicking myself for not ordering a reticule, and then you go and send me the most beautiful one I've ever seen! I can't thank you enough!! And the hats - they are absolutely gorgeous. You truly have a superb talent. I don't possess the proper vocabulary to let you know just how thrilled I am with what you sent. I love the hatpin as well, it ties in perfectly with everything else. I can hardly wait to put the whole ensemble together. I promise to send photos your way when I do. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Many, many thanks!

The hats arrived today! They are so beautiful!!! I can not praise your wonderful work enough!! How can I ever thank you enough?! I came back from work totally stressed and down. But when I saw your package waiting for me, my spirits immediately increased. You have made one of my childhood dreams come true! "Ramsgate" just match perfectly with my lately finished dress and " Longbourn" is straight out of Pride and Prejudice! I can't wait to order again! My sister was so pleased with your work that she has decided to order a hat too, so next time you will hear both our raptures!

Thank you again and again!

I just received the bonnet and it is PERFECT! Absolutely wonderful! I feel like I AM Emma. THANKS! Hopefully, we'll meet again!

Stephie and Jeffrey Nigro at the Jane Austen festival in Madison, WI. April, 2001 The hats arrived today!!! The post office broke some records to get them here (2 days???)Well, the hats are gorgeous!!!! Stephie got to open the box and all I heard were screams of excitement. She loves them all. And thank you so much for the reticule! It matches everything perfectly. Stephie is ready to be a walking advertisement for your hats and will carry the cards in the reticule to hand out as people talk with here.

Stephie loves all the hats, but the Elinor is her favorite!!! The berries are darling, they look terrific. I really like the Emma hat and Stephie was wearing the Lizzy around the house for a considerable portion of the afternoon before I asked her to "save" it for the Festival. We tried the Lizzy with a hatpin and it works great. She got another hatpin for her birthday (yesterday) and thought that it would work even better than the one we got specifically for the Lizzy. They will both be great (of course, not at the same time!)

[Later, after Jane Austen Week] Jeffrey Nigro, from the Art Institute of Chicago, was delighted by Stephie's outfit. He walked up to her (I had met him at the bus the day before so he knew that she was going to be dressed up) and said "I love your bonnet - do you have fruit on it? Yep, you do, very good!" So you were right about insisting that there be fruit on the Elinor. He had forgotten to add a slide on reticules for his presentation and said, "I don't have a slide showing reticules, but one of those dressed in period clothes, does, so just ask to see hers." and then he pointed to Stephie. So your things were well appreciated by the costume professionals in attendance.

Bonnet in place, at costume party I got it just today! It's adorable!! I like to think it makes me look like Kate Winslet when I put it on, but that's just wishful thinking :) Anyway, I love it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone else. It looks very nice with my cream-colored dress. I love the ribbon you used.

Ammanda is a Regency Romance author who has just published
"Scandal in Venice".

I just the purses yesterday! THEY ARE PERFECT!!!!!! All I have to say is wow. They were even much nicer than I expected. I am very happy with them, and wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I will make sure to get a picture of the bridesmaids with their purses and send it to you. Then you can use it on your web page if you would like. Also, if anyone ever asks you for a customer refernce on your work, I would be happy to have them contact me. You have my address, and my phone number. Also, my cell phone number. So, if you want to pass that on to anyone who wants to talk to a very satisfied customer, please give them my info!!!

Laura the hat just arrived, and it is fabulous! You've really outdone yourself this time. Thank you so much. I can't wait to wear it to Seattle. Now I've got to get hat stands. I bought the old fashioned round hatboxes to store them* in, but I just want to look at them. You are a genius! Thank you so much. Jane Austen would have wanted one!

I received the box and everything is just beautiful! Deanna LOVES all of it. The items have been hung on the wall but they don't stay there very much. Everything is usually on Deanna! I have to say the reticules and hats are definitely a success!

Thanks again for your special attention to detail. Terri and I absolutely love our bonnets. We have received so many compliments. You may be getting some orders from some of our other tour guides. I've been giving them your web site address. We have just not had a resource, until now.