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Since this page was first launched in 2000, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet many people from all over the world who also love Jane Austen and the Regency period. Thank you for making my work so much fun!

While my original training was in Desktop Publishing and web design, my true interest lies in costume creation. I also love working with miniatures and have created eight dollhouses to date.

I discovered an interest in hats, especially those of the Regency period, while reading Jane Austen. At first I began making them, just to "see if I could". I made my first as a Christmas present for a friend enamored of Pride and Prejudice. Finding that I really enjoyed it, I decided to pool my talents and create this page. If you are interested in purchasing a hat or pattern, visit the Boutique. If you are looking for information, please enjoy your browse.

God has certainly blessed in the years since He first gave me the idea for Austentation and none of this would have been accomplished except through HIS grace. He IS the author of creativity, and nothing is possible without Him ("All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made." John 1:3) We truly do serve an Awesome God!

Lord, you are more precious than silver.
Lord, you are more costly than gold.
Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds,
And nothing I desire compares with Thee!

My favorite version of this song was arranged by Linda McKechnie,
on Symphony of Praise, Volume 2. Click on the above media player to hear it.

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