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Hat styles of the Regency period were incredibly varied and imaginative. It would be impossible to cover every type. Here are four of the most common (each picture is a link):

Caring for your Hats
  • The best way to store your hat or bonnet is in a large hatbox. These can usually be found in large department or craft stores. Craft stores also sometimes carry large papier mache hatboxes that can be covered with fabric and ribbon or wrapping paper- let your imagination soar! These large boxes usually don't cost more than $5-$10 or so at your local craft store.
  • To keep keep the hat from losing shape, place a ring of tissue paper in the bottom of the box. Then place the hat upside down (crown down) into the ring. Wrap flowers or bows separately in paper to preserve their shape.
  • Remember! Most hats aren't meant to be worn in the rain! Straw hats will lose their shape. They also tend to smell badly when wet.
  • Do not stack hats on top of each other.
  • If your straw hat does lose it's shape, don't worry. Using steam to make it flexible, bend the hat back into it's proper shape and fix it with ribbon, string or clothespins until it is dry. This should solve the problem.
  • Since trim is often the first part of a hat to fade, droop or date a hat, change it as often as the mood strikes you. Imagine the possibilities!