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The Reticule, an essential accessory for any Regency gown. Made out of material from your own dress or in your choice of colors. Fully lined with a satin drawstring closure and tassle. Measures approximately 8"x5".

Some orders have included:

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This reticule is made in a round shape, using a single type of fabric. Like the two-tone reticule, it features a satin cord drawstring and is finished with a contrasting tassle.

Samples include:

Round Reticule
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Austentation's Reticule Trim Kit
Reticules are relatively easy to create and are the perfect accessory to any Regency ensemble. Designed to complement my Reticule Pattern, this set comes with enough supplies to trim at least two reticules. Included you'll find (1) yard of gimp trim, (2) yards of satin cord, (1) large tassel and (2) small tassels. 5 pieces in all, your choice of Ivory or Gold.
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Austentation's 3-in-1 Reticule Pattern
Reticules are relatively easy to create and require only a small amount of fabric making them the perfect accessory to any outfit. They can be created from scraps of a gown you own or in complimentary colors with either a monochromatic or two tone scheme. This pattern includes cuttable pieces and instructions for three different bags, including the Round and Two-tone shapes found on this page.