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Charlotte This bonnet is a new style for me, but something I've had in mind for several years. I only have three in stock, so when they are gone, they may be gone for good! This bonnet is based on two things-- the Regency fashion plate I have posted (it has the crown "pouf" of fabric) and Emma's wedding in the 1996 film. In creating this bonnet, I tried to keep in mind that Regency brides rarely wore their wedding attire only once (Jane Austen's mother was married in her Riding Habit!) This bonnet is extremely customizeable and comes with a beautifully patterned fabric pouf at the back with white or ivory satin ribbon ties, and lace trim inside the brim. To this basic bonnet, I've added a veil which can be worn over the face, or back over the bonnet (see photos) or removed entirely for after wedding wear. The veil has an attached hair comb so that it can be worn separately, as well, with the custom made white floral wreath I created. The wreath is also easily detachable (all can be assembled or disassembled in seconds) if you prefer to wear any of it separately, like the image of Emma from the film. Choose your bonnet in white or ivory.

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